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YouTube videos can be an excellent source, especially for music videos If you want to download music files, you need an MP3 converter or YouTube uploader. You can save the music file to a USB drive or computer If you have a YouTube video that you want to transfer to a USB device, you first need to download the video and convert it to your computer. After that use a USB cable to transfer the captured video file to your preferred device.

YouTube to mp3

Step 1:

Go to YouTube and find the video you want to separate your voice Copy the video URL and go to a new browser like or Enter the URL of the video in the poster link and make sure the section below mp3, these pages work almost the same, everyone allows you to upload videos on YouTube and then print them first.

Step 2:

Click here to download the video from the site

Step 3:

Click the Download button There should be a connection in a few minutes Click the link to download the YouTube video

Step 4:

Connect the USB device to your computer Once you tap on the “Open” option it will automatically appear on the screen. Open the file you already downloaded Tap the YouTube file and drag it to the USB device folder from your computer.

Transferring music stored on your computer to flash drive should be relatively simple. Once you have played where you know your music is stored on your computer, it should be easy to copy and paste music documents on a USB drive.

If you are using a Windows computer, you can take the following steps:

Insert the USB flash drive into a vacant USB port on a computer

Open Windows Explorer Because e-drives, USB drives must be visible on the “My Computer” is called a removable disk, otherwise, you might have a different name

USB drive should be displayed as an e-drive on my computer

Open another window in Windows Explorer and find out where all the music files stored on the computer you want to transfer.

Right-click on the file of music/video you want and select “Copy”.

Back to the USB drive window and select Yap

Repeat this step until all the music you want to transfer the folder is added to the USB flash drive.

After doing this and try to remove the USB drive from your computer, make sure to select “Safe Device Delete” or “Download” to ensure that the data on the disk is not damaged or broken.