How Do I Download Videos From YouTube? (3 simple ways)

Download videos from YouTube – Today, people go online to YouTube and watch a selection of videos. there are millions and similar videos on YouTube today that we’ll watch on the phone on our computer. Many of these videos are music videos, some movies, instructional videos, personal videos, and much more. you’ll download all kinds of videos from YouTube.

But as we all know, no video is often officially downloaded from YouTube. I mean, YouTube may be a site where we will watch videos, but we will not download them to our phone or computer.

That’s because there’s no option on YouTube that permits us to download our favorite videos. and that I don’t think YouTube will ever give us such a chance or video download solution.

Why does one think? indeed, YouTube has not officially offered a video download feature. There are some ways or solutions on the web that you can use to simply download YouTube videos to your phone or computer. And during this article, I tell you three very simple ways to download videos to YouTube.

3 Ways To Download Videos From YouTube

Below I describe the ways to download videos that you simply can apply to your computer or laptop. If you would like to download from YouTube using these methods on mobile devices, you’ll apply these methods to your phone using the operamini browser.

Come on; below we don’t skills to download it from YouTube.

1.Download YouTube Videos With Clip Converter

Clipconverter may be a website that permits us to convert and download any YouTube video here on our phone or computer. Here you’ll convert and download 3gp, MP4, HD, FULL HD, AVI, and far more.

As I said before, you’ll use this process on your phone. except for this, you would like the Opera mini browser, Google Chrome, or Firefox. Now we all know the primary thanks to downloading the video.

Copy the video URL to YouTube

First of all, open your computer or mobile browser and attend the YouTube page. Now click on the video you would like to download. Now, the video where you clicked will open and therefore the video will start broadcasting (playing) online.

When you start playing saved video, you’ll see the video URL on your computer’s address bar or mobile browser. inspect the photo below to understand better.

clip convert

I hope that by watching the image above, you’ll understand which URL I’m talking about.

You can now copy the video URL from the browser’s address bar.

If you’re employing a computer or laptop, you’ll select the video URL link then click the mouse and attend the Copy choice to copy the link.

If you’re employing a telephone, you’ll select the video link and press it long to travel to the copy and paste option.

2.Attend The Clipconverter Website

After copying the URL link of the video you would like to download, go on to the clipconverter website.

clip converter website

As you’ll see within the picture above, you’ll see a box on the Clipconverter’s website. Above the box, “Video URL to download” is going to be written.

In the box above, enter the URL link address or paste it from the video you’ve got already copied.

Once you’ve got placed the URL of your video within the link box, click on the “Continue” button or the choice next to the box.

3.Convert Your Video

Once you’ve got pasted the video URL and proceeded further, you’ll see several options below. All options are amid your video.

convert your video

First of all, you would like to take care of the standard of the video. If you would like to download top quality (HD) video, then select or select “YouTube High Definition Video (720p)” from Detected Media.

Now attend the conversion format option and choose your video format. this suggests that if you would like to download the video to mp4, 3Gp, AVI or MKV, you’ve got not selected or selected FORMS.

Once you’ve done everything, click on the “Start” option below.